The Self Storage Booking System Connected to Salesforce

Get your self-storage customers to book available space and pay in recurring manner (100% online). Manage facilities from Salesforce in every aspect of your business.

Solution's Elements

We can deliver all or just selected elements of the solution, depending 
on your actual needs. The system consists of:

Selfstorage Booking App

Selfstorage Management

Online Payments Integrations



Lock System Integration

Selfstorage Booking App

Selfstorage Management

Online Payments Integrations


CRM System

Door Locking System



Storage Search & Selection


Add-ons Selection (Upsell)


Personal / Company Details


Lead Capturing


Payment Plan Selection


Online Payments with Stripe


Fully Branded Checkout




Split Payments for Rent & Deposit


Payment Links via Email


Reservation Option


Automated Invoicing


Invoice Reminders


Email reminders and notifications


Door Locking System Integration


Selfservice in Customer Portal


Contract Cancellation


Easy Deposit Refunds


Storage Inventory Management


Customer Management


Contract Management


Invoice Management


Payment Management


Reports Drag & Drop


Automations Drag & Drop

Catch a glimpse of the solution


Here is the sample of benefits that this solution will give you

100% adjusted to your

More flexible than any SaaS product

Based on Salesforce Tech

Improves customer experience

Reduces IT costs

Offers Mobile App & Portals

Saves Client Service time

Reduces manual work

Allows faster cash collection

Limits human errors

Allows fast & flexible reporting

It's based on new, fast technologies

It's a Low Code solution

It can be configured by business users

It has open API

Cheaper than bespoke solution


We used a wide range of technologies. These are our preferred technologies, but we are open to use other technologies as per your need.

NestJS for the Backend

NestJS for the Backend

Salesforce for the Storage Management

Stripe for Payments

Heroku for Hosting

Sensorberg for Door Locking System

ReactJS for the Booking App & Client Portal

Salesforce for the Storage & Customer Management

for Payments

NestJS for the Backed/Integration

Google Cloud
for Hosting

Why Salesforce?

We used Salesforce platform for building a bespoke storage management system. It's a very versatile solution for any business model, that can be adjusted by configuration and low-code.If you are not using Salesforce it's not a problem.

We can connect elements of our solution to your current system 
or implement Salesforce for you.

Scope of Services

We offer a wide range of services. You can get them all or just a part of them if you for example have already a design or internal development team.

Implementation Project

Our Implementation project typically consists of following steps:

01. Process Design

We plan how the booking system works, focusing on easy Salesforce integration and efficient workflows. It’s about setting up a clear roadmap to make sure everything runs smoothly.

02. UX/UI Design

Our goal here is to make the booking app and client portal not just good-looking but super easy to use. We focus on creating a simple, clean design that guides users without any hassle.

03. Salesforce Configuration

This step is all about customizing Salesforce to handle our storage and customer needs. We tweak Salesforce to track customers and manage storage easily, making our operations smooth.

04. Booking App Development

Here, we build the booking app using ReactJS for a fast and responsive experience. This part is all about turning our designs into a working app that’s easy for customers to navigate.

05. Backend Development

We work on the server-side stuff with NestJS to make sure the app’s backbone is strong and secure. This includes managing data and making sure everything talks to each other nicely.

06. Stripe Integration

Integrating Stripe lets us handle payments safely and flexibly. We set it up to manage different payment options and make checkout a breeze for our customers.

07. Data Migration

We move all the necessary data to the new system carefully, ensuring no important information gets lost. It’s all about transferring everything smoothly to keep our operations running without a hitch.

08. Testing

We rigorously test everything to make sure there are no glitches and that the booking system works perfectly. This step is crucial for catching and fixing any issues before going live.

09. Roll-out

This is when we launch the booking system for everyone to use. We make sure the rollout is smooth, monitoring closely to quickly address any last-minute tweaks needed for a flawless launch.

10. Maintenance & Development

After everything’s up and running, we keep things smooth with regular updates and quick fixes. It’s about making sure our system stays in top shape and our users stay happy.


Stay Safe

  • Based on secure and scalableSalesforce Platform
  • Payments processed by Stripe
  • The leading frontend technologies
  • Hosted on your infrastructure
  • Up to 12 months of Guarantee
  • In-depth testing before roll-out
  • Developed by certified team
  • Team of available experts

Pricing Options

Pricing Options

The actual price depends on the actual scope of work. Our previous similar projects were in the range:


Is it a product or a service?

It’s a service. We build a solution 100% adjusted to your needs. We however, did developed similar solutions already and we have 1. experience - technical & business 2. code libraries that will allow us to reduce the development time.

How do we compare to other solutions available on the market?

We do not compete with them. We are focused on building 100% solution adjusted to business needs, processes, design etc. We do not adjust an existing products product - there are always some trade offs when going for needs, processes, design etc. We do not adjust an existing products  product  - there are always some trade offs.

How do you handle service & maintenance?

We can sign a SLA contract or you can handle it by your in-house can close a SLA with us. We give guarantee anyways.

Why is it based on Salesforce?

It's super flexible and easy to tweak for any kind of business, using simple configurations and minimal coding. Not on Salesforce yet? No worries. We can set it up for you.

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